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the pressure of eager lips.
a pound of silver is worth its weight in blood
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01 11 12 - psst.
clueless ▌besties.
Hello all, I've set up my new community on dw! 
This will officially be my last post here. )':
I've only made one icon post so far but yep, just a heads up.

01 06 12 - Just to clarify.
GM ▌mikako.
I've been busy lately so I haven't gotten around to this but yes, I've already notified fletrir that I'll be leaving this community. I'm sad to do so but it's been so nice to work alongside the other two members of this comm. I want to thank fletrir so much for giving me this opportunity. (: I was really nervous when starting out and I actually wasn't going to even try out at first. But everything worked out in the end. I also want to thank everyone who commented on each and every post, you guys are so lovely. ;n; 

A lot of people seem to be moving to dreamwidth anyway, and lj's going to re-do the whole layout design, which is ugly. I'm not sure where I'll be posting my graphics yet. Maybe I'll run my own community on dw. (: I might want someone to join me though so if even a bit interested, shoot me a pm! When it gets finalized, I'll post a link somewhere. Thanks again, everyone! 
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